Thinking about adopting? How about a WWII veteran?

Robert is one of more than 400 veterans of WWII who are waiting to go on an Honor Flight DFW trip.

Honor Flight DFW has just launched an inventive initiative to help assist the non-profit in raising much-needed funds toward its goal of getting the 400+ veterans on its waiting list (all WWII veterans at this point) to Washington, D.C., to see the memorials built in their honor.

What goes into “adopting” a WWII veteran?  While there is no official legal arrangement here (though there are people who really, really want to take “their” veterans home and hang on to them for all time, that’s not really a part of this particular program), what this “adoption” involves is a pledge to raise the $1,000 needed to allow one veteran an Honor Flight trip. This includes their airfare, bus transportation, overnight hotel stay, a heroes’ banquet, their “gear” that they wear, a commemorative DVD of video and photos of their trip, special assistance from an amazing volunteer medical team — and memories to last a lifetime.

Robert is one of the veterans waiting to be adopted.  Shot out of a B-24 bomber, he escaped a POW camp in Switzerland (who knew the Swiss had camps??) and made his way back to London to rejoin his unit.  This amazing man is one of the many on the waiting list, and his age, 91, is the average age of the men and women who are waiting to go.  Six months in  a POW camp, an escape right out of a Hollywood movie, and flying bombers over Europe to help save the world…..and we can’t get this man to our own nation’s capitol? Come on now….

Honor Flight DFW thinks we can and has launched this program to make it happen. Want to be a part of honoring history? Contact Honor Flight DFW today to see how you can be a part of adopting a veteran.  If you and your community can band together to help make one veteran’s wish to see his or her memorial come true, think about how much that will mean to an aging warrior.

Robert Card

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