Forget them, and those 6 million die another death

Today is National Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day set aside for remembering the worst tragedy in human history. Survivor Dr. Susan Cernyak-Spatz says it best: forget the six million who died, and they die another death.

Watch her here. Her words are powerful and are important to hear.

Susan was only 18 when she suffered the horrors of Auschwitz, probably the most horrible and well-known concentration camp that the Nazis used to carry an unthinkable extermination.  Her mind-blowing story is well-told here, as she uses her experiences these many decades later to educate school children on the Holocaust.  Susan survived and made her way to America, where she achieved not only a college degree, but also a Ph.D., and has dedicated her life to educating the world on the Holocaust.

Why is it so important for her to educate children?  Because there are still people who can’t — or don’t want to — believe that the Holocaust happened. Unthinkably, there are people who refuse to accept this as the atrocious reality that it is.

When you think about the Holocaust, you can’t help but put yourself in the shoes of the American soldiers who were often some of the first to discover the horror of these camps, seeing with their own eyes the worst thing to have ever happened in humanity.  As you know, the point of this blog is to honor veterans.  In honoring their service, we must always remember it in the context of the atrocities they were fighting, unbeknownst even to them.

To honor these survivors, and the service of the men and women who fought in World War II, we can’t ever forget about the Holocaust.  The six million people who were victims of the Nazis and the 16 million Americans who went to war to fight tyranny deserve it.  Let’s choose to remember.

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